Giving Back

The Sad Reality

Every year about 4 million dogs and cats are euthanized throughout the United States. The majority of these animals are healthy, adoptable pets that are put to death simply because there wasn’t enough room for them as new animals flooded their shelters. So basically, every 8 seconds another innocent life is lost for no good reason.

Who, Why, and How I Help


First impressions are always the biggest impressions, and most first impressions for shelter animals happen online. This is why it’s so important for adoptable pets to look their very best in their online photo; it’s their big chance to shine in front of a potential adopter. HeARTs Speak was formed around this idea and it’s their goal to make sure as many pets as possible get to put their best paw (or claw) forward.

This is the organization that introduced me to this concept and made me realize that art can be a powerful ally to the animals. I’m a proud member of HeARTs Speak, along with over 400 other animal artists around the globe who volunteer their time, money, and services to help more shelter animals get adopted and, ultimately, save more lives.

Right now I donate 10% of my photography profits to HeART Speak and a few of the rescue organizations that mean the most to me. Little by little, I’m going to increase this rate to 50%! I won’t bore you with specifics here, but if you’re interested you can read the detailed plans on my Patreon page (my goals are listed along the left-hand side of the page).

Red-Crowned Amazon

 The Break-Down


HeARTs Speak gets a portion of all my non-pet art sales and commissions.

Pets Alive and Pets Alive Westchester shares a cut of all my dog and cat photography services and sales.

Wilton Parrot Rescue benefits from any profit made from my bird photography services and sales. (WPR recently ceased operation, this may or may not be temporary. For now all of these proceeds will be donated to Pets Alive and Pets Alive West until WPR starts up again or I’ve found another bird rescue to support.)

I occasionally volunteer my photography services at these rescues along with several others.


$$ Raised for Rescue

  • Percent of 10,000 Goal 6.68%

How You Can Help

Dog Gone HappyPlease consider adopting a pet over buying one. When you save a life you open the doors for another life to be saved, and if we all do this, one by one, we can make a big difference. Promote your rescue dog, cat, or bird, and show others how rewarding rescue can be!

Can’t adopt right now? Most shelters are non-profit organizations that are under-funded and under-staffed. I’m sure there’s a shelter near you that could really use more volunteers and donations. There’s always something you can do to help!

The Story that Sparked the Dream

It’s funny… sometimes you only realize things like this in retrospect. My life would be so different if this single moment never happened.

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