The purple pink flower from a redbud tree flies across a pastel spectrum of spring color in this surreal photo.

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I had just relearned how to eat ice cream from a cone, chocolate evidence was all over my shirt, and the laughs Nick and I shared energized our spirits as we drove home from Joe’s Dairy Bar.

Occassional sparks illuminated the fluffy, dark purple clouds and zig-zagged down through the pink sky. I slowed the car and we gawked at the gorgeousness of it all.

At home, we sat in the backyard, watching those windswept wisps fly by and listening to the magical sound of the wind chimes for the very first time. The pink sky turned periwinkle, then deep blue, and two bats’ dancing silhouettes fluttered against it.

Something bounced on the patio and Gracie was on it like the black on those bats. The toad got drooled on, but we saved him from becoming a doggie snack.

The sky darkened and something swooped into the bushes and hovered there. A hummingbird? No. A moth the size of my fist, swaying with the branches to hide from the bats.

Friday nights are for us. Movies, video games, or maybe just a snuggle chat… oh my. This was, so far, the most memorable, magical of those nights.

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