Nick is my navigator, but sometimes he puts too much faith in me as the driver. Like when we’re going anywhere other than work, I’m rambling away, driving on auto-pilot, making turns leading to Yonkers… I haven’t gotten any better, but he has.

“You know you’re turning here,” he’ll say whenever the blinker’s not on. Most often, no, I didn’t know. Or I did know, subconsciously, but that doesn’t mean I’d have made the turn.

I still slam on my brakes to turn onto our road at the last possible second. Sometimes I still make turns onto other roads by mistake. We’ve been living here for over a year and, yes, I still have problems finding my way home.

After one of these ridiculous instances, Nick said, “If I ever wanted to get rid of you, I could just drop you off somewhere 5 miles away, and you’d never find your way home.”

It’s silly but true, I guess I’m lucky he doesn’t want to get rid of me.

P.S. Doesn’t this photo look like a map? I have a few of these mappy abstracts coming up, and a bunch of silly stories to go with ‘em. Let’s call it a series within a series. 

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