You know that ditz you see in your home town? The one who’s using “walk mode” on her GPS to get 50 feet from where she parked her car. Well that’s me… only I mute the volume and try to pretend I’m texting.

But sometimes, even my GPS can’t save me.

I was headed to Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary, which wasn’t far from me. I’d reviewed the route on my computer before I left AND I was using phone navigation to get there.

Stopped at the red light, which was my last familiar landmark before heading into unknown territory, I recalled that once I’d turned onto the road in front of me, I’d be looking for the 1st quick left. When I turned, though, Miss Google Maps told me my turn was over a mile ahead and on the right. She sounded so sure, I just listened to her; Miss Google Maps knew what she was talking about.

In my defense I did, vaguely, sense that something was off… but I also questioned my own memory about the left-hand turn. About 6 minutes later I found myself at the very same traffic light I mentioned earlier.

Apparently, Miss Google Maps had lost her connection and rerouted me in a pointless circle.

I don’t know about you, but I’m already a robot when I’m driving. When smart cars take over I’ll be a zombie, totally unaware of what my car is doing and where it’s taking me. I’ll be writing, or reading, or watching Netflix as my car drives me off a cliff.

At the same time, I’m oddly eager for this kind of zombie robot apocalypse to happen in my lifetime.

What about you? One report I heard said Ford plans on releasing fully automated smart cars within 4 years. What do you think about a world full of robot drivers?


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