“I want to be an actress!” I said when I was 12 or 13.

“So you want to be a waitress?” My mom replied, laughed, and explained my future as she saw it, should I pursue such a career.

“I want to be a novelist!” I said when I was 22 or 23.

“Hmph! Don’t we all.” My journalism professor stated with a disapproving look, before she lectured me on starting my senior project.

I never had any hope of becoming an actress nor a journalist… and just like that, the novelist dream bubble burst in front of my eyes. Yet the pieces of those shattered dreams somehow merged to form the abstract sculpture that’s now forming in my life.

I didn’t stop writing, and I’ve become the narrative journalist of my life. The word ‘voice’ is often used when discussing a writer’s work, but a couple of years ago I gave myself an actual voice when I launched my podcast… and I fell in love with a new medium.

Now I’m super excited to announce that I’m recording my 1st fictional audiobook! Never at 12, or even 23, would I have guessed that my first completed book project would be as a narrator. I get to help a writer make their characters come alive, and I’m beyond thrilled to get started doing this kind of work.

The perfect blend of acting and book creating… not exactly the dream bubble I thought up… but certainly a beautiful mosaic I was able to piece together with all my broken pieces.

This photo is called Broken Bubbles… we all have shattered dreams, but I insist you always pick up the broken pieces and take them with you. You never know what you might be able to build with them later on!

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