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You choose the lighter, happier route, huh? Well, I hope this puts a smile on your face! (In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, this is one of the stories from this “choose your own adventure” post.)

What are you more afraid of: a stranger’s opinion of you or death? The answer might not be as obvious as you think…

Day three of our seaside vacation and we were just hitting the beach for the first time. By some miracle, the sun was peeking out from behind the clouds; despite the 10-day forecast that showed nothing but dark clouds and plentiful rain.

I had been under the covered balcony, starring out at the ocean, when it finally happened, and I wasted no time in trading my pjs for a tankini and getting my toes into the sand. Okay… I did make everyone pose for photos first, you should just assume that’s a given.

The waves were pounding the shore and most of the boys didn’t hesitate to jump in. I wandered along the wet shoreline feeling the warm water envelop my feet. They were calling for me to come in, but I wasn’t so sure I could handle the stormy seas. I can swim, but I’m far from a mermaid.

It took a lot of convincing and a bit of daring me to get me to walk out any further. My boyfriend at the time insisted that he would keep me safe, and I just had to get past where the waves broke.

Cautiously, I ventured deeper into the ocean. I was knee deep one second, but then, suddenly, white water was washing over my entire body and I found myself butt down back on the beach.

You’d think that my fear would give me some instinct to brace myself, I must have braced myself, but I had no idea how powerful those waves were.

I went back to wandering in the safe zone for awhile. I don’t know exactly how long it was before I brushed my hands over my butt… but it had been more than a few minutes when I finally noticed the heaping pile of sand that had settled into my bathing suit.

I ran back into the ocean, suddenly fearless, to rinse my bottom out. Apparently, the fear of people seeing me in something that resembled a saggy diaper, and the connotations that came with that, were much more threatening than drowning.


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