Sandstorm at Sea – also available in super wide crop – Get it from my shop onto your wall!

When I let my gaze get lost in this image, I saw a sandstorm at sea. Imagine a stormy sea, you’re squinting through stinging, tear-filled eyes as the boat bobs and tips. You can see land, but it’s really just a big, blurry blob that’s not getting bigger fast enough.

The title was born: Sandstorm at Sea. Lost in my imagination, I continued to wander down any path those words took me… and things got a little heavy. Usually, this is the part where I furiously scribble out any pain or vulnerability that’s leaked onto the page. Instead, I kept writing. I told myself I didn’t have to publish it, it would be good to just get it out.

When I was finished I decided that I was too afraid of offending you… I wrote a new story; it was light-hearted and funny.

Then I had a thought: why don’t I let you choose your own adventure? A fond memory of reading R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps books crossed my mind… why not?

So this week I have two stories for you, read the one that calls to you, or read both, the choice is yours.

A Heavy Hearted Sandstorm at Sea

A Light Hearted Sandstorm at Sea


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