The Zombie Robot Apocalypse – Artsy Reflections 97

You know that ditz you see in your home town? The one who’s using “walk mode” on her GPS to get 50 feet from where she parked her car. Well that’s me… only I mute the volume and try to pretend I’m texting.

But sometimes, even my GPS can’t save me. Read more…

Find Your Gold – Artsy Reflections 95

Finish the sentence: I suck at ______. What’s the 1st thing that comes to your mind?

Do you wish you didn’t suck at that thing? Have you ever tried to not suck at it? Can you attribute your suckiness to something someone told you?

For me, the things I’m so quick to dismiss as things I can’t do are often… Read more…

Labels – Who Needs ‘Em?

Six years ago I was a failed journalist, bartending and waitressing to pay off my student loan debt. I had a laptop, a camera, and a new dream. I thought hard, and daydreamed a lot, about my business name. Back then, I wanted a label, I wanted to seem bigger than I...

A Retreat to… and from… Creativity

It’s a shock that I got any sleep at all. My social anxiety and a fear of flying solo across the country had my stomach so twisted I almost forgot to eat breakfast… if you don’t know me, that’d be like a frog forgetting to how to hop, it just doesn’t happen.

Worries, real and imagined infected every thought that swam past the back of my eyeballs. Will a… Read more…

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