A Few of My Favorite Pet Models

Tanya - Portrait of a Tan and Black Puppy

12_07_08_portrait_of_a_tan_and_black_puppy copy

Growing a Kitten

12_05_24_growing_a_kitten_in_a_flower_pot_ copy

Lexi - Pitbull in Fall

12_11_10_pitbull_in_fall copy

Tres Amigos

Three Caiques on White

Goldie Finds Her Just Right Chair

12_06_30_goldie_finds_her_just_right_chair copy

Shy Guy Gizmo

12_08_13_portrait_of_a_kitten_shy_guy_gizmo copy

Happily Held Puppy

294_pets_alive_dogs_12_08_25 copy


Gosha - Red-Crowned Amazon

12_07_23_red-crowned_amazon copy

Ollie - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on the Farm


Daisy - Westie Sits in Golden Leaves

12_10_10_westie_sits_in_golden_leaves copy

Bobey - Curious Pitbull

12_07_14_curious_pitbull copy

Rottweiler Begs

028_beacon_barks_12_04_28 copy


Ivan the Police Dog



Pretty Kitty

Black and White Cat on White Couch

Zoey's Kiss



Sinbad - Fluffed Blue and Gold Macaw

12_03_21_fluffer_blue_and_gold_macaw copy

English Bulldog Smiling

12_04_28_english_bulldog_smiling copy

Dude's Got it



Dog Gone Happy

Dog Gone Happy

My Gracie Lou -The Love of my Life

13_04_07_brindle_pitbull_strikes_the_pose copy

Maggie - Portrait of a Beagle

12_11_23_portrait_of_a_beagle copy

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