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Do you believe in mind magic?

In 1978 a scientific study was done with 7,000 meditators who, over the course of three weeks, meditated on love and peace. Findings showed that, within this same time frame, there were significant global drops in crime rates (16%) AND terrorist activity (a whopping 72% drop!).*

It’s not that this was hard for me to believe, but I was shocked that this experiment had happened… and then equally disappointed that it hadn’t been repeated, at least not at this scale.

Suddenly, I had science to explain the strange “coincidences,” that’ve been ever increasing in my life.

The most recent example of this was just a few weeks ago, while I was scheduling out the first story I’d shared in over a year to be sent to my email list. I distinctly remember thinking of my friend, Michèle, and wondering what she was up to.

I met Michèle in Guatemala, where we stayed in the same home for several weeks. She lives in Canada, but we’ve kept in touch via email, and her occassional postcard whenever she returns to Antigua, where we met. She often replies or leaves comments when I share a story, and since it’d been awhile, I had a feeling she’d soon be filling me in on her latest adventures.

I was scheduling my email to go out the following day when I thought of Michèle. Then, I set it and forgot it.

The next day, after the email was sent out, I received a reply titled: What a Coincidence!

Michèle wrote that, just the day before, she had added me on her to-do list because she hadn’t heard from me in awhile and wanted to write me. The very same day I had thought of Michèle, it turns out, she thought of me too. From 1,000s of miles away, my thoughts had mingled with her thoughts… that seems clearly apparent to me.

You tell me… do you think it’s more likely we energetically connected for an instant that day, or was it some strange coincidence?

A coincidence like that, seems like the more far fetched explanation to me. We are all connected in ways I can’t explain, and these blips of proof are becoming more and more frequent to me.

Michèle, were your ears ringing at all as I wrote this?

P.S. Can you see the ghostly figure in this photo? I could’ve taken this story in many directions, but lately I’ve been really obsessed with the idea that we are energetic beings, connected to everyone, and everything, in this universe.

P.P.S. I’ve been working on an exciting new project, and if you like reading these stories, you’re going to love what’s coming next! Stay tuned =)

*I read this in Reality Unveiled by Ziad Masri – Original source cited in the book was The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock.

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  1. Christopher Wesley

    That was pure connection. I’ve had all kinds of these experiences, but only with certain people. Considering that these experiences have been consistent over decades, I think we just resonate with certain people better.

    Cool post!

    • Rebekah

      Thanks Chris! It’s good to know I’m not alone in having these experiences.

      I also wonder how many times we experience a connection without ever validating it with the other person… I’m sure we’re connecting with people far more often than we think.

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