Looking for art that actually works with your decor?

I’m now offering fine art photography commissions for art that’s made to your unique specifications! We’ll work together to create the perfect piece of art for your home.

Introducing Custom Fine Art Photography

How does it work?


Schedule your risk-free art consultation

We will get together either via Skype, or in person if you’re local to me, to chat about your decorating goals. You can show me around the room and we’ll talk about the possibilities. If you have ideas about what you want, this will be your opportunity to present them, but if you need a little guidance I’d be happy to offer my recommendations too!


We’ll discuss:

Color – We’ll create a custom palette that’ll be in harmony with your existing decor.

Size & Shape – We’ll examine your space to make sure your new art will fit in perfectly. This guides my composition from the start and by pre-selecting sizes, you’ll never have to worry about pricing surprises later on.

Subject – Abstract art and floral art are my specialties, but I might consider other subjects, just ask! Once we decide on the subject, I’ll ask you a few questions that’ll help me get a feel for your tastes.


The digital dressing room art preview

If you’re as excited as I am after our chat, it’s time for me to mock up a preview of the layout and colors we discussed. You won’t know exactly what the art will look like, but you’ll get a clear picture of how the design will fit into your room.

Once I have your approval it’s time to make some art! Go have a glass of wine and relax while I shimmy into my creative groove.


The Unveiling

Timing might be more or less depending on the availability of specific flowers or other hard-to-get props, but I aim to have your commission completed within 30 days of your preview approval.

Why so long? Let me give you a little behind the scenes preview of…

The Artistic Process


Step 1: Prop Shopping/Selection – Of course, fresh flowers are a must for florals, and I’m always on the lookout for new props to make each commission unique. We can even incorporate some of your existing decor into our project to create perfectly matched textures and colors.

Step 2: Play-Storming – This is my planning stage, an equal mix of playing and brainstorming. I examine my props from all angles, in different lights, and mixed and matched with possible background elements.

Step 3: Set Building – It’s kind of like making a sculpture, and sometimes this could be the most challenging part of the process. I’ve used every adhesive from hot glue to chewing gum (ok I made that up… and that’s gross anyway haha!), and practically every item in my kitchen (including the sink) to build my sets. This is the most time-consuming part of the process!

Step 4: Light Sculpting – Without light there is no photo! Light can color a scene, set a mood, and highlight, diminish, or simply alter your subject. I play, a lot, with light.

Step 5: Shooting – By the time I get to the lighting I’m also playing with my camera to further mold the image. From lens perspective to settings, there are so many decisions to make with sliding scales in between. I dance between step 4 and 5 until I hit my sweet spot.

Step 6: Rinse & Repeat – Or more accurately: recompose, relight, reshoot, and repeat. I’ve created some of my best images by always pushing myself to discover more about my subject. I often leave my set up for several days to allow myself some headspace for more inspiration.

Step 7: Finishing Touches – This is my favorite part; only the very best images make it to this stage. This is when I spruce your art up in Lightroom and Photoshop right before I draw the curtains…

TA-DA, your art is unveiled!

Step 8: Professional Printing – As soon as you make your selection, I’ll send the image off to be printed at my professional photo lab and have it shipped directly to me for my approval. It’s rare that they mess up, but I always want to make sure your art is perfect before you see it!

Step 9: Sign & Ship – Once I determine that your art looks amazing, I’ll sign and date the back side, repackage it, and send it off to your loving arms!


A Package for Every Need


The Quick Fix

You can reinvent my art by requesting an edit! Choose a pre-existing piece and make it your own. (PS: Design industry professionals get FREE Quick Fixes, find out more and apply here.)


  • color alterations and cropping to fit into your home decor
  • up to 20 minutes of art consultation via Skype to discuss color, shape, and size
  • digital preview of the edited piece in your home

 $50 commission fee + the price of art

As its name implies, this package has a much faster turn around time. Once you approve your preview, you can expect your art to appear at your door within 14 business days.

I Need a Quick Fix! Let’s Chat!


Made for You First

You’ll get art made to your specifications and you’ll be the very first art collector to hang it on your wall!


  • fresh new art, custom-made for you
  • up to 1 hour of art consultation either in person or via Skype
  • digital preview of your palette and layout selections in your home
  • minimum of 3 variations to choose from
  • fresh flowers, props, and building materials

$250 commission fee + the price of the art

Why is this package so much less than the next package? I’m able to make customized art more affordable for you by retaining full copyright, which gives me the ability to resell and/or license the piece to other buyers in the future.

I Want Custom Art! Let’s Chat!


Made for You… and Only You

This package gets you 100% original art, meaning it will never be resold or reprinted. I will retain only the right to share a low resolution version of the piece in my online portfolio.


  • 1 of a kind art, custom-made for you only – never replicated or reproduced
  • up to 1 hour of art consultation either in person or via Skype
  • digital preview of your palette and layout selections in your home
  • minimum of 3 variations to choose from
  • fresh flowers, props, and building materials
  • certificate of authenticity signed by me

$2500 commission fee + the price of the art

I Want Original Art! Let’s Chat!

What’s the price of the art?

Your art will be professionally printed onto a gallery wrapped metallic canvas and will ship ready to hang. Or you can choose to have your art made into metallic prints mounted onto black styrene, instead. There are so many size options available that it varies widely from $60 for an 8×12 print to $540 for my largest canvas options of 24×36 or 20×40.

We will go over the prices for your specific project in detail before I start the work. There will be no additional charges unless you decide to buy more art.


Commission a series and save!

If you want a series of images made for your wall I can create extra images at a discounted rate. Because the initial set up is the most time consuming aspect of each shoot I do, after it’s done it’s a lot easier for me to create multiple photos from the same set. For the “Made for You” package add an additional $50 per additional artwork and for the “Made for You… and Only You” packages it’s an additional $500 per original art piece. You will get 3 variations to choose from for each piece you commission.

Let's Daydream a Little...

Ready to find out how I can help you create the wall of your dreams? Let’s chat!


Do you frame the art?

No, both my canvas art and my mounted prints are shipped ready to hang without frames! The sides of my canvases are wrapped with a continuation of the image, or a solid, complimentary color. This gives them a finished, contemporary look without frames. My metallic prints are mounted on black styrene, super thin and super sturdy for a less dramatic unframed look.

Do you offer any specials for the trade?

Absolutely! Design industry professionals get special perks like wholesale pricing and unlimited, free ‘Quick Fixes’ for their projects. If you’re an interior designer, decorator, or art consultant you can apply to become one of my VIPs here.

What if I’ve never used Skype?

It’s super easy and 100% free to use Skype, just download the app to your smart phone or tablet and you’ll be ready to go. I can even provide you with my guest username and password if you prefer not to create yet another account… I totally understand. Just leave me a note when you schedule your appointment if you will need any help getting set up for the first time and I’d be happy to help.

Does your 30-day refund policy apply to commissioned art?

Yes and no. If you really don’t like your finished piece I’d never want you to keep it. If we can’t figure out a way to make it work for you, I will gladly refund what you paid for the art, however, the first $250 of your commission fee is non-refundable.

How is the consultation risk-free? Do I have to buy a package first?

We’re just going to have a really fun conversation about decorating! If I can’t give you what you’re looking for that’s it. I’m really not the pushy type… ask anyone… I have references if you need them =P. I won’t ask you for a dime until you’ve approved a design you love!


What if I have more questions?!

Ask Me Anything!

Now that you know you have nothing to lose…